damn I miss the presence of you guys. Avignon is nice though!

I’m stopping on the way back to lyon so I will let you guys know in as many days in advance as possible.
For now im staying in Lyon.
I’m literally on the other side of Pont d’avignon on a camping site.

If you live in avignon or close to avignon let me know on twitter!
I’d love to meet some fellow bronies!!

Camping. Might not talk as much as I want to over the course of this week (no data in france)

Heading to South france.. Staying somewhere underneath Lyon!



damn i wanna gf but you know


I got banned from that site. I guess brony friendzoni didn’t go over so well with the hawt ladies

Looks like they just repair their old systems now. But hey, they may have spare parts for sale.

I wonder.. well possibly really.. I am not super familiar with the company but its a part of history.

Well, I missed you at Crystal Mountain Pony Con. Are you planning on coming to Salt Lake City next year?

Likely yes. Also you guys in utah used to have an cool factory over there regarding lasers I didn’t realise until later. Check: http://www.dynamiclaser.net/american-laser-corp.php
heard sometimes they let people visit.




I’ve had soooo many messages recently asking for commissions, and I’m gonna experiment with a new way of taking them!

In the past, I just opened up for slots and made it first-come-first-serve. This lead to slots being gone in minutes, with people upset they weren’t online at just the…

I know some of you guys have been wanting commissions from me, and this is your chance! This’ll be open for a while, but getting them in sooner always helps!

Reblogging you are a cool guy deserving a signal boost

You're blue if you were green you would die-adaba dee da bu

sadly never heard of that song

Hello good sir, how are you? Better? ;D

better but been and still am buzy but always time to socialise.

What got you into Lazers

my most common gotten question. Almost all of my vocal and on youtube interviews will cover the full story :)

I've been wondering, what inspired you to start doing your displays?

heyo in short me experiencing it in real life up close was the trigger for. It’s quite a big story and I’ve retold it several times. Shouldn’t  be too hard to dig up. But when I found how limited this technology was visually it made me even more interested.


I don’t usually reblog vinyltavia gifs, but when I do HHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG CUTE


I don’t usually reblog vinyltavia gifs, but when I do HHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG CUTE