7 flightcases ooooooooooooooo



where are you guys from?

You know exactly where I am from.

Taze me mum land

used WMP

where are you guys from?

I sometimes forget how crucial social media is in my job/life. It’s a big portion of my job. I just got a facebook message from the owner of the 2nd biggest laser company in germany if I want to go out for a few drinks after galacon.

I seriously have respect for you guys though for all being so kind all these years even people who dislike something I do or maybe just disagree have always been so kind.

Many old printed books had leather covers too. And the reason why the "handwriting" changes in some sections is easy to explain too. They used different typefaces to bring out certain parts of the text and "fat" letters might have formed accidently when there was too much ink on top of the typefaces, making them spill over. (Plus did you fins any year markings?)

I haven’t looked for year markings yet but I do see some characters appear pressed in the paper. Especially the thicker ones.

Someone who reads lating told me 
That I might have found one of those bibles that got destroyed by the catholic church. This bible talks about multiple gods.

The hand writing changes throughout the book.

Whoops, i read wrong.

It might be written actually I noticed some things that look out of place

asksaintcolarix said: Doubt that. It’s most likely printed.
laserpon3: maybe
The book is looks hand written on some pages.
The cover is real leather!

What is this book about?Edit: someone told me it’s a bible.

What is this book about?
Edit: someone told me it’s a bible.

What the…